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Our Board of Directors

Jordyn Zimmerman, Secretary

Jordyn Zimmerman became a Guardian in 2017 after being a stay-at-home mom to two amazing daughters. Once her children were in school full time, she began looking for ways to give back to her community, something that has always been an important value to her. In that time she has worked with six children who have been able to participate on various sports teams and receive new school uniforms thanks to the Cape Fear Guardian ad Litem Association’s funding.

When living in Portland, OR Jordyn received a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health, with a minor in education. She also participated as a mentor for an organization that served children in foster care. Her heart and eyes were opened to the immense need these children have for support and advocacy.

When not volunteering as a Guardian, Jordyn is volunteering at her kids’ school, driving to soccer or gymnastics, and managing a health & wellness business from her home. Her family loves to travel, spend time outside, play board games, and go out for the occasional ice cream date.

She looks forward to continuing her work with children in foster care, as a Guardian and hopefully someday as a foster parent. She encourages everyone to consider being a voice child in our community!