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Requesting Funds from CFGALA

Most foster families receive monies to be used for the basic care of their foster children, however, that money doesn’t necessarily stretch far enough to cover extras. In kinship placements, who receive no funds to support their children, that is an even bigger stretch. CFGALA raises money to provide the funds needed for items and activities which “help a kid be a kid”, such as tutoring, camps, sports activities, etc.

Funds requests are usually granted and fulfilled within seven (7) days of the request. A specific dollar amount allowed is not denoted per child. The decision to fund a request is based on the funds available and the history of funds provided. Special attention is given to funds going to kinship placements. As money is available, CFGALA attempts to approve every request made.


Completing the Funds Request form

  1. On the bar/tabs at the top, click on For Guardians, then Funds Request form.
  2. Complete all required fields on the form. Most fields are self-explanatory, however, note the key fields below.

What Date is Payment Required- Is this request being made in time for funds to be provided by the date required? If funds don’t get to the recipient in time, will it impact the purchase or the child’s ability to participate in an activity?

Check payable to, Attn, Address, City, State, Zip Code- This field should indicate the person or group to which the check should be written and the address to which the check should be mailed. Most requests require the name and address belonging to the person or company receiving the funds. In some cases the check is made out to a person or group but mailed to the GAL for delivery. No checks can be sent to caregivers.

Briefly state how this will benefit the child- State what the item or activity is and provide some detail as to why it was chosen for this child. What is the potential positive impact it will have on the child? How will the child benefit from this purchase?

Will DSS pay for this item/activity? For all fund requests, please ensure the activity or item is not one that DSS will cover. CFGALA should only cover those things DSS won’t.

Best Practices for Funds Requests

  • Make sure all information provided on the request form is accurate, i.e. name, address, dates, recipient, etc. To ensure accuracy always confirm with the vendor any information provided by the foster parent(s). Inaccurate information can cause a delay in delivery of funds.
  • As much as possible “shop around” for an opportunity for a less expensive option without impacting the positive benefit to the child(ren).
  • Help us be good stewards of our money. Follow up on completion of the request with the recipient of the money, not the foster parent(s).
  • Was the requested item purchased and/or used?
  • Was any required registration completed and on time, so the child was able to participate, i.e. most classes and camps require prior registration?
  • Did the child attend and/or complete the entirety of the activity?
  • Is tutoring proving to be helpful, or has it just become a habit or means of child care? Do other less expensive options need to be considered?
  • Was this item/activity determined to be a positive use of our funds?


Note: If you find an item was not purchased or a child did not complete an activity, please work with the recipient to facilitate a refund to CFGALA. Checks can be made out to CFGALA and sent to the GAL office at 320 Chestnut Street, Suite 618, Wilmington, NC 28401. Alert the Allocation Chair and the Treasurer to the refund as soon as possible.